Distant Shores - Global Game Jam 2022

You wake up with amnesia in a strange and rainy town. You are are tasked with numerous moral tasks that will test your inner allegiances. After 3 long days, a divine figure appears to tell you that your soul will be judged on the duality of your decisions. Will you escape his purgatory, or are you doomed to roam these distant shores forever....?

Skills I Contributed to Project:

• C# Programming

• Narrative Design

 • Economy and Resource Design

• Game Writing

• Character Dialogue

• Leadership and Production Skills

Level-Flow Wireframe:

Initial Premise 

The only stimulus given for this project was the word 'Duality'. As creative leader of my group, I took us in the direction of 'moral duality', i.e. the gameplay being centred around player choices to perform 'good' or 'evil' acts. As such, the gameplay developed into a choice-driven, open world RPG, relying heavily on dialogue trees.

Tutorial Screen

Dialogue Option

Branching Paths

I wanted the player to be able to choose their own moral path and explore the duality of their decisions, hence I created multiple dialogue options for every interaction that have meaningful and far-reaching consequences on the storyline. 

I created several adapted versions of NPC scripts which take into account the previous moral decisions that the player has chosen up until that point, with some quest paths being available or unavailable depending on how you have played the game so far. 

Difficulty Balancing 

To prevent the game from becoming too straightforward or a walk-a-thon, I constructed the balance of resources and moral decisions in a way that meant the player would always be faced with tough decisions; it is impossible to help everyone in Distant Shores and the player may have to 'screw over' some NPCs in order to save others. The question for the player inevitably becomes, 'who to help? and who to hinder?' ... 

Karma Screen

About This Project 

This project was created over the course of 3 days for the January 2022 Global Game Jam Competition and was made in Unity Engine using C# code 

In the team of 6, I was in charge of project management, creative direction, script-writing, storyboarding, playtesting, and presenting the game at the LCC expo. Our team was commended as being one of the top entries for that year's submissions.

To play the game, see our entry on the Global Game Jam website or visit my Itch.io page

To see the process of how it was made, visit our Trello page