Narrative Designer, currently working on Fallout 76 at Double 11, UK

I am currently working as a placement Quest Designer at Double 11 Studios in Middlesbrough, UK. 

During this time, I have worked on Fallout 76, developing the skills of both writing and implementing narrative content.

"The pinnacle of game design craft is combining perfect mechanics and compelling fiction into one seamless system of meaning."

Tynan Sylvester

Game Design Portfolio

Narrative and Writing Portfolio

Writing Samples:

The Miasmae

"Horatio calmed himself and steadied his breathing; he had to try and look presentable for Mr Brandt, the senior overseer in the reporting section of the Philology department, a notoriously foul-tempered man. Horatio shuddered to think about that angry, jowly face shouting, mere inches from his own, resembling that of an old bulldog, and with the breath to match..."

Chrome Gets The Jitters

TCIS Agent: "Care to elaborate? or do we need to resubmit you for psychological testing?"

Chrome: "No, no, keep your hat on partner, I just meant that... well, scouting those giant headquarters just makes me realise how much we're going up against by tryna take on Titus: all that power, influence, weaponry - you name it, they got it, not to mention that they can change the literal passage o' time whenever they damn feel like it. How the hell are we meant to stand up to all that? They're like Goliath and we're just like lil ol' David down here throwin' rocks!"