Vampire: The Masqerade Game Game Jam Entry Nov 2022

Skills Used In Project:

• Tyrano Script

• Narrative Design

 • Branching Path Structuring 

• Game Writing

• Character Dialogue  

• Leadership and Production Skills

Assembling a Team

Once I had heard that Paradox Interactive were running a Dark Pack game jam set in the World of Darkness universe, I quickly set about gathering a team of artists, writers and producers. We reviewed the 3 possible briefs and ended up choosing 'The Hunt and the Hunted' as our main theme, settling on a narrative-based interactive novel as our game-medium.

Narrative Structuring

I was responsible for designing the narrative architecture of the game, considering all of the different possible pathways, providing a unique ending on every run. The player always begins in the same area, but (depending on who they talk to and which options they pick) can end up in wildly different scenarios. We wanted to make sure that the player could 'win' and 'lose' the game, hence I wrote some endings where the player survives, others where they perish and some with a curious catch.

Character Design and Dialogue

The next step was to bring our cast of 6 characters to life and to decide on the specifics of their interactions with the player. My role was to write fleshed-out character descriptions, to explain how these figures fitted into the wider narrative, and to send annotated mock-ups to the artists in order to make the fully completed models.

Programming and Editing

Once all the narrative and art had been created, we were then tasked to turn it into an actual playable experience. My role was to find the most appropriate way to show off the assets and content we had created.

I ultimately decided on a program called TyranoBuilder due to its versatility with music, images and text, as well as its intuitive visual scripting language. Once I had finally mastered the idiosyncrasies of Tyrano Script, I was also able to programme the variables needed for the inventory system, which meant that players could access different dialogue options based on the items they possessed.


After 10 days of long hours proof reading, correcting, editing and bug testing, the game was finally ready to launch. The game was submitted on time, despite its size and the short time period we had to make it. We were very happy with the results and the game was received well by other jammers and players alike.

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