Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels

Chrome Gets the Jitters

(Mission Dialogue Sample )

Chrome: Chrome reporting in, mission 37 completion confirmed, headquarters district has been successfully scouted and key targets marked.

TCIS Agent: Excellent work agent, upload the new coordinate data to the mainframe as usual; we'll need every last byte if we ever hope to get the drop on Titus.

Chrome: *sighs*, yeah I guess so...

TCIS Agent: Something wrong, agent Chrome? 

Chrome: Yeah you could say that, just can't shake the feelin' that this is one big wild goose chase, is all...

TCIS Agent: Care to elaborate? or do we need to resubmit you for psychological testing?

Chrome: No, no, keep your hat on partner, I just meant that... well, scouting those giant headquarters just makes me realise how much we're going up against by tryna take on Titus: all that power, influence, weaponry - you name it, they got it, not to mention that they can change the literal passage o' time whenever they damn feel like it. How the hell are we meant to stand up to all that? They're like Goliath and we're just like lil ol' David down here throwin' rocks!

TCIS Agent: Nobody said this would be an easy fight, Chrome. This was never going to be a walk in the park, and we made that abundantly clear to you when you signed up for the job. But it must be done, and you of all people know that. Now I need you to focus up and keep your head on the mission, we cannot afford even the slightest of mistakes out there, otherwise this will all be for nothing. Is that clear?

Chrome: You got it, partner... Chrome out.